Soak Game = Colloquial expression for “learn about it”.

I apply scientific approaches to increase efficiency within organizations, create high performance teams, and to determine if a business’ culture facilitates or hinders productivity and employee retention. The primary purpose of my education and my work is to aid in the achievement of organizational goals and build great leaders. My Bachelor of Science is in Organizational Behavior and I am certified in Human Resource Management as well. I am currently working on a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership. Contact me to schedule an appointment to see how I can help your organization increase growth and competitive advantage.

Apart from the hustle, I’m all about learning new things, finding something to see, something to eat, somewhere to play, geeking out on all things leadership and writing about it in here so that everyone can Soak Game with me.

Prefer to get the deets about me from the amigos instead? No problem. Soak Game here.