Soak Game = Colloquial expression for “learn about it”.

My name is Jessica Imperial. My formal education includes a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Behavior and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership. I work for a local government agency in the day time in addition to serving as the CEO and Co-Founder of a leadership training and development firm. Leadership and management are two nouns that are often misconstrued once they are used as a verb. Leading is a process, a behavior, and a mindset that requires a different skill set from managing. I can’t help but cringe when people identify positional authority with leadership. It is possible for one to be an executive and possess limited or no leadership behavior, skills, or influence; it is equally possible for one to be at the bottom of an organizational hierarchy and possess a high level of influence – leadership has no title, rank, or social class. I focus a lot of time and energy on my own development and on helping others develop because I firmly believe that “in order to develop a leader, one must first focus on how to support the development of the human” (Livesay, 2015, p.176).

I am often told that I need to take a vacation. Thus, the Soak Game Adventures category of my blog provides an avenue for me to share my experiences in the form of a review. The Get Your Feet Wet category is the portion of my blog where I get to geek out on a few competencies related to organizational leadership and other random things to soak game on. And lastly, the Imported Game is the section where I’ve reposted feature articles originally posted elsewhere on individuals I’ve come across in life who I believe exhibit leadership behavior and influence.

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Jessica is the CEO and co-founder of True North Cooperate.