Imagine yourself standing behind stage curtains; in less than 30 seconds the curtains will open up with no one else on stage but you. Your palms are generating sweat, you start to feel palpitations like your heart is going to rip itself out of your chest, and you begin to question yourself; what if I mess up? What if I forget my lines? What if they don’t like me? Suddenly, the curtains fully retract exposing you to an audience of 3,000 people. The real question is, are you ready? (more…)


Genesis WalcherIn the mountains of a sovereign island and developing country in the Western Pacific Ocean, a diamond in the rough emerged in the Philippine entertainment industry like a typhoon propelling onto land, destroying everything in its path. Where did she come from? How does one go from a poverty level in a third world country to becoming one of its famous inhabitants executing her mark all the way to the United States of America? Luzon, one of the most populated islands in the world, not only leads the Philippines in both industry and in agriculture (Parrott-Sheffer, Pletcher, Setia & Tikkanen, 2013), but is also home to the multi-talented Genesis Walcher (a.k.a. G-Love, formerly known as Patricia Javier). Brace yourself San Diego, the typhoon has spun its way to southern California on two turntables. (more…)

“I’m too busy.. I just can’t find the time.. It’s impossible.. I don’t have the money.” We’ve heard it all before. More people have excuses that withhold their dreams from becoming a reality, then people who simply just do it. Excuses are not a part of the language in Rezident Management. Each one of our artists took the necessary steps to get to where they are today. To be the best at any given trade, one must understand and accept that;  there are no shortcuts, there is no elevator to the top, and it will never be a smooth road. The key is to begin with the end in mind, set the goals to get there, and keep it moving. Mr. William Gilbert (a.k.a. Will Gill) is the epitome of the highly effective individual who succeeds at everything he sets out to do.


Some of life’s most precious moments with family are spent at the dinner table. Everyone has their favorite meal or dessert that instantly brings their heart back home. Food represents a multitude of factors, beyond feeding the masses. It’s showing how much one cares without saying a word; It’s a major connection across cultures; It’s hospitality at its finest; but most importantly, it’s a  universal way of saying; “I love you”.